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How to Add contacts to the system

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With Repbox being a fully customizable and user friendly system, there are generally two ways to add contacts. Each option is easy and straightforward!

Option 1 allows the user to add contacts individually, while option 2 allows the user to add many contacts at once through a .CSV file.

Option 1

Step 1: Click "Contacts: on your top bar - You may need to select "All" to find Contacts

Step 2: Click "Add Contact"

Step 3: Fill in the appropriate fields
Note: The * symbol means that the field is required and must be filled in. 

Option 2

Fill out our Contacts Template and import the file.

Step 1: Select "Contacts" in either the top bar, or in the "All" tab
(See Step 1 in Option 1 for reference)

Step 2: Click "Actions" then a dropdown will show. Click "Import" within that list

Step 3: Choose the .CSV file you would like to import.

Step 4: Specify format - the biggest focus here is to select whether or not your spreadsheet has headers or not (if you used our template, it does).

Step 5: If you have existing contacts already present in the system, you can opt into managing duplicates by either "Merging", "Overwriting", or "Skipping" the duplicates.

Step 6: Click "Next"

Step 7: Map the Columns to Module Fields. Here you can choose which fields will populate when you import the file.

Step 8: Click "Import"

The next screen will show the results of your import

Step 9: Click "Finish"

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