With Repbox being a fully customizable and user friendly system, there are generally two ways to add products. Each option is easy and straightforward!

When importing products, you will receive them from your vendors or manufacturers in many different formats, such as excel, csv, or PDF (maybe even some others). If you receive these forms in PDF, we highly suggest that you use Adobe PDF Export. The biggest time investment of importing your products is taking the time to get the file that you want to import into the correct format. Make sure to save the file you wish to import into a .CSV file format.

After you have taken the time to format your file: 

Step 1: click on the "Products" Block on your title bar (you may have to click "All")

Step 2: Click "Actions" then a dropdown list will appear, Click "Import"

When import is selected, this window will load

Step 3: Click "Choose File" - this will allow you to select the .CSV file that you are wanting to upload

Step 4: Make sure you have a .csv file type, UTF-8 Character Encoding, comma Delimiter, and the box checked for Has Header

Step 4A (Optional): Duplicate Handling - If there is a potential that the same product is already in the system, you will not want to duplicate it. We suggest "merging" or "overwriting" those two products in the system.
For the available fields, make sure to choose a unique field to merge on such as "Product Code" or "UPC Code". Keep in mind, for this to merge the duplicates, you will want to make sure the unique field is spelled EXACTLY the same as what is already in the system.

Step 5: Click "Next" and the following screen will load
Under Header, you will see the headers in your spreadsheet
Under Row 1, you will see the 1st product on your list
CRM Fields is where you will map your headers to RepBox. If one of them is incorrect, click the drop-down and choose which one you would like that field to map to.
The Default Value is something that you can set to all of the products on your sheet
For example, if your "Case Pack Type" were all box on the products you're importing, you can choose box.
Chances are, this information is already in your spreadsheet and you most likely will not need to adjust these fields.

Step 6: Click Import - Your results screen will show next. The system will import your records in batches of 250 so you may see the "Records Successfully Imported" moving over the next few minutes.

  • If you merged your products, you will see how many of them were merged

  • Make sure to check and see if any records failed to import.

  • You will also have the option to "import more", "view the last imported records", or "undo the last import"

Step 7: Click "Finish" and you are done!

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