So you want to delete a user? We get it, these things happen and you don't want that person poking around your system. Since Repbox is a customizable and user friendly system, there is an easy way to do this. Only thing is that the user doing the removal needs to be an admin first. Regular users cannot delete other users.

Version 6 of Repbox

  • Click the Gear Icon on the top right of the screen

  • Click Manage Users

Hover over the user you wish to delete, and click the trash icon

Once you click the trash can you will be prompted and informed of the implications. If you wish to continue, click 'Yes'.

The next screen allows you to transfer the ownership of all of the records from that user to another user in the system. Here you can choose to 'Delete User Permanently'

Important Note:

  1. If you do not delete a user permanently, they will become 'inactive'. Billing will not continue for inactive users, but they will not be able to log in. You can re-activate them at a later date if you wish.

  2. When you Delete a user permanently, you will no longer be billed for that user, and you can no longer restore that user.

Be sure to double check if the user was deleted permanently. From your users list, you can filter by active and inactive. Check to see if the user is listed as inactive. If they are, and you wish for them to be deleted permanently, hover over the user and click the trash can.

If you wish to restore the user, you may click the restore icon located next to the trash can.

Version 7 of Repbox

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