A sales opportunity is an immediate opportunity to do business with a potential or existing customer. The sales department usually expects an offer that could be made for this potential customer in the near future. Analogously to leads, you are working with a sales opportunity as you have already done it with leads. With Repbox, enter all of your activities, save possibly contract documents, create quotes, etc in one place. The goal is that your opportunity data contains all the information belonging to a specific business that you can easily look up and grab information about that business.

Entering an Opportunity into Repbox

As with every module, Repbox is a fully customizable and user friendly system. There are a couple ways to add an opportunity into your Repbox system.

Option 1: From the Opportunities Module

Step One: Find the Opportunity module in the top bar of the Repbox window. 

You may need to select the "All" tab to find the opportunity module.

Once you select the Opportunities module, you will be redirected to the Opportunities List View Window. In that window, there is a "Add Opportunities" button to the left of the "All Opportunities" List-view drop down. Click "Add Opportunities"

You will be directed to the "Creating New Opportunity" page. Fill out all the desired information. Note: Any field that has an asterisks is a required field and must be completed.

Once all the information is entered. Click the "Save" button at the top right of the window.

Option 2: Quick Create an Opportunity

Another way to add an opportunity is through the "Quick Create" (+) sign icon on the top right of each page.

Once Opportunity is selected from the Quick Create menu, a pop up will appear with empty opportunity information fields. Fill out the required fields and all other desired information. 

Once Finished, click the "Save" button. (If you desire to input more information that is show in the window, click the "Got to Full Form" button to be taken to the full opportunity card.)

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