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How to navigate the related modules list in Repbox

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All modules are connected in some way in Repbox. This is what makes this system so special and user friendly. For example, when working in an account record, you can see the contacts associated with that account. Or quotes associated with an account or opportunity. This makes for a seamless use and access of all information stored within Repbox. 

In any full record page, say accounts or contacts, there is a list to the far right. This is the related modules list. (This list may have different labels than the one in your system, it depends on which module record you are viewing it from. But for the most part, this is what it looks like.)

From this list, you are able to see how the record relates to other modules in Repbox. You can click on any of the options in the list to see the list of records associated with the main record.

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