Linking contacts to modules especially the opportunities or activity modules is vital is conducting business. Repbox is a full customizable and user friendly system that allows for a couple way to do this. Follow the steps below to learn how to connect contacts to the opportunity module.

Option 1: Thought the Contact Module 

Depending on whether the contact and/or the opportunity is already in the system or not is an important distinction to be made. If the contact is not added into the system, no worries, yet for this method, it is ideal that the opportunity is not already in the system for this to be more straightforward. 

First you are going to need to find the contact or add the contact in the contact module. (See article on adding contacts). The contact module can be found either in the top bar of Repbox, or clicking the "All" in the top bar.

Once you select the Contacts module, you will be directed to the Contacts list view. You can either find the contact in the list view, or use the search bars to find the contact. (The search button is found all the way to the right of the list view).

Once you select the contact, you will be taken to the contact summary view. Towards the right of the window you will see the "Related Modules Summary." Depending on how your system is set up, you will see a list of related modules. Opportunities/Activities will be listed in this list. Select Opportunities/Activities/Sales Cycle (Whichever your company calls an Opportunity).

Once you click Opportunity, you will be redirected to the Related Opportunities List view. Click "Add Opportunity"

A pop up of "Quick Create Opportunity" will appear. Fill out the needed information in the fields. If you need to input more information into the system, you can click "Go to full form"

Once you are done with inputing the information, click "Save" and the opportunity will be added to the opportunity module and also it will be linked to the contact.

Option 2: Though an existing Opportunity

A. If Contact is not in the system

First you are going to want to go to the Opportunities module, found either in the top bar of the Repbox window, or under the "All" drop down.

When you click on the opportunity module, you will be directed to the opportunity summary view page. Find the opportunity from the list view, or search for the opportunity in the search bars at the top of the list view.

Once you find the opportunity, select it to be taken to the opportunity summary view. You will see at the middle of the window a tab labeled "Related Contacts"
Click "Add"

Once you select add, the "Quick Create Contact" Form will appear, fill out the needed information. If you desire to add more information in the system, click the "Go to full form"

Once you are done, click "Save" to add the record into the system. The contact will be linked to the opportunity, and the contact will show up in the contacts module.

B. If the contact is already in the system

If you are trying to link a contact that is already in the system, follow the first few steps above to get to the "Opportunity Summary View" page. It looks like this:

On the far right list, or "Related Module List" there is a contact option. Click on that module.

Once you click "Contacts", you will be directed to the "Related Contacts Summary View" page. You will see a "Select Contacts" button and a pop up window will appear.

From this window, you can select or find the contacts that you would want to add to the opportunity. You are able to select multiple contacts for one opportunities. Once you are done, you can hit the "Select" button to finish. Once the pop up window disappears, not further action is required. The contacts are linked to the opportunity.

(Since this related list view is available in all modules, this method of adding contacts to other modules will work the same way.)

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