This is by far the most useful article for anyone that has records in Repbox. This distinction is important because if your system has massive amounts of records, if you search all of the records for a specific module record it will slow down your Repbox if you search in the wrong area. This is especially true if multiple people are in the system searching globally for records within the system. An example of this would be a search result taking longer than expected, or another user trying to access a record in the system and it taking longer to load than normal.

Global Search Vs. Module Search

This method searches the entire Repbox system. This search goes through every single record in the system to meet the requirements of the search. This search bar is located at the very top of each Repbox window when the drop down is set to "All Records." 

To make that top bar a module specific search, click the drop down to the left of the text box and select the desired module where the record could be located.

This method is a way to narrow the search to the selected module. This is available in all modules: Opportunities, Accounts, Contacts, etc. This method is better to find a record by narrowing down the search to a specific module where the record is shown.

When you type in the module search, make note that each empty header box is a search that pertains to the column the box is in. For example, the first box above is "Opportunity Name" to search that box, you will need to type the name or what the name starts with to populate the results. (The search button is located to the far right of those empty boxes, you may need to scroll to the right to see it depending on your browser and size of the browser window).

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