Linking documents to modules especially the opportunities or activity modules is vital is conducting business. Repbox is a full customizable and user friendly system that allows for a couple way to do this. Follow the steps below to learn how to connect a document to an opportunity within the opportunity module. (This method can be repeated to upload or link documents to any module.)

Thought the Opportunity Module 

First you are going to want to go to the Opportunities module, found either in the top bar of the Repbox window, or under the "All" drop down.

When you click on the opportunity module, you will be directed to the opportunity summary view page. Find the opportunity from the list view, or search for the opportunity in the search bars at the top of the list view.

Once you find the opportunity, select it to be taken to the opportunity summary view. 

Option 1: You will see at the middle of the window a tab labeled "Add Documents" in the middle between the summary view of the record, and the related module list. Click "Add"

Option 2: Drag and drop the Document file in the box to the far left of the window that is labeled, "Documents." Once this is done, the document will be added to the opportunity.

Option 1 (Continued): Once you click "Add" a window will appear. Fill out the information needed, and then select "Upload Document"

Once you have filled out the needed information, click "Save" and the document will be loaded to the opportunity. (If you need to input more information, click "Go to Full Form" fill out the desired information, then click "Save."

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