Adding Documents is quick and easy. Documents can be added to Opportunities, Contacts, Accounts, etc.

Adding a Document to an Opportunity

From the selected Opportunity, Select "ADD" in the document section.

From here, you can use the QuickCreate screen and select the document of your choosing.

Or, you can select " Go To Full Form" and utilize the the entire module to edit or customize the document you would like to add.

Once you have the selected document you would like to add, simply hit Save and the process is completed.

Adding Documents to Contacts

From the desired Contact, Select More and then Add Document.

From there, follow the same process as in the Opportunities module and select Save

To add a document to an Account, follow the same process as in the Contact Module.

From the desired Account, select More, Add Document, and follow the aforementioned steps to complete the process.

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