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How to Create and Customize Field Auto-Fill in Repbox
How to Create and Customize Field Auto-Fill in Repbox

Field Auto-Fill and Moving Throughout Modules

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Field auto-fill is a very useful tool to set up within your Repbox system. It gives the user the ability to swiftly move from one module to another, such as Opportunities/Activities/Potentials to Quotes, Quotes to Purchase Orders, and Purchase Orders to Invoices. This function helps the user in not having to add the same information over and over again when moving through modules. The trickiest part of this whole process is the mapping of the fields. An admin, or Repbox team member can help in initial set up of this function, however as systems and companies grow, editing this tool can be needed.

First you are going to want to generally know what fields you would like to map. This tool is primarily so that when information is added, such as a contact into an opportunity, the contact information can load into the selected fields of the opportunity.

Go to the gear icon at the top right of the Repbox window.

A drop down with options should populate below the gear, from this list, select "CRM Settings"

Once you select "CRM Settings," a new page should load, this is the primary CRM Settings page.

To the right of this screen is a "Settings" Menu, If the tap "Other Settings" is not show, simply click on the heading and the list will populate.

Depending on the position and features of your Repbox, the option for "Field Auto Fill" will be in that list. It is usually in-between "Conditional Layouts" and "Google Address" (This sometimes is different depending on your Repbox configuration).

Once you click on the "Field Auto Fill" option, the Field Auto Fill customization Page will load. From here you can start customizing the feature.

You will need to select the Modules to which you would like to map fields.

The > indicates "to" so if in the picklist the option "Accounts > Contacts" is shown, then this would read "Accounts to Contacts." This is indicating is that whenever an account is filled into a contact, the selected fields will auto populate into that record.

Different module combinations can be selected. Simply click the drop down under "Select the Module" header. Once you have mapped the desired fields, be sure to click "Save" at the bottom to save your progress. After you are done, be sure to test the feature to make sure the fields are mapped correctly.

If you have any trouble with this feature, please reach out to and we would be more than happy to take a look and help you with whatever issue you are having.

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