To manage Repbox account information, you must be the primary owner of the account to access any information such as billing addresses, credit card information ext.

First, go to and you will be directed to our homepage. On the top of the page, you will see an option for, "Support" Once you click on this option, a drop down menu will appear.

In the drop down menu, you will need to click the "Manage Account" option on the bottom right of that window.

Once you click the manage account option in the window, you will be directed to a "Manage Your Subscriptions" portal. Please enter in your Repbox associated email, typically this is the email you have chosen to add in your preferences within Repbox. (Note: This is not for your Repbox user name)

Once you hit "Continue", a one time password and link will be emailed to you where you can access your Repbox subscriptions. Through this link you will be able to update you credit card, billing, and other account information for your Repbox Subscription.

If you wish to cancel or pause your membership to Repbox, please contact

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