Field Editing within Repbox

How to position, add fields, and edit where fields show within your Repbox

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Position of fields matter, so to make this process simple, Repbox has made the process of moving, and showing fields as straightforward and customizable as possible for each Repbox system.

You will have to be an Admin within your system to make any of the changes we are about to discuss. If you are not an admin, please consult an Admin within your company to make the needed changes. (Note: Field names cannot be edited from the front end, if you need a field renamed in any way, please contact for any changes in field names you may need.)

Version 6 of Repbox

Editing Field Options

First you are going to want to go to the module where the field is located. For example, if you wish to see a field such as "Last Name" in a summary view, you will need to go to the "Contacts" module. (This process is virtually the same for any module you wish to edit the fields for within Repbox).

Once you are in the desired module, you will see a "wrench" icon to the far right of the "List View" select that icon and a drop down menu will populate.

From the drop down menu, select "Edit Fields."

Once you select edit fields, the "Fields and Layout Editor" page will load, here you will see all the fields already available for that module. If you scroll over any of the fields, in the right of the field box there will be a pencil that appears.

If you select the pencil, a list of options will appear, from these options you can decided where the fields are shown within the views of Repbox.

Checkboxes and their meanings: (Any time you wish to remove one of the options, make sure the checkbox is unchecked, and to have the option checked if you wish to use the feature).

Mandatory Field: When this is checked it means that the record cannot be saved unless this field is filled in or has data in it. Some fields have to be mandatory and cannot be made to be regular.

Active: Repbox doesn't truly delete fields entirely, instead we have the ability to hide a field from the front end of the system. If there is a field you wish to not see or use anymore, click this option and the field will be "Inactive" (If a mistake is made this can easily be undone by selecting the "Actions" drop down then selecting, "Inactive Fields" option to the right of the Field Block).

Once you select "Inactive" fields, a pop up will appear with all the inactive fields within that specific field block. Find the field you wish to re-activate, select the checkbox to the left of that field, then select "Reactivate."

Quick Create: This Option allows the field to populate in the "Quick Create" form that populates when you select the "+" icon to the upper right of any Repbox window.

Summary View: This option allows fields to populate in the summary view for a record. The summary view is a brief snapshot of a record right before you enter the full details view.

Mass Edit: This option allows for editing multiple records at once in the "List View." Mass Editing is done by selecting multiple records in the list view, selecting Actions, then Edit.

Default Value: This option allows for a field to populate with information automatically when creating a new record. For example, if you wish to have a checkbox field automatically checked when creating a new record, select this option and hit save. (This would be if you wish to create a record that has a field labeled "Active" automatically to save time and click, for example.)

Adding Fields

To add a field within the Fields and Layout Editor view (See third paragraph at beginning of article on how to get to this view) Select the Add Custom Field in any block you wish to see the field.

Once you select "Add Custom Field" a Create custom field box will appear. From here you have many different options on what type of field you wish to create. There is another article that goes in depth on what each Field Type means. (If you are getting the error message "Field Name already exsists," this means that their is either an active or inactive field that already shares the name of the one you are trying to create. You will need to search within the Fields and Layout view for the field you are looking for. If you cannot find it, then it will be under the Inactive fields and each block will need to be searched." If you are trying to change a field type, such as a Text to a Picklist, please reach out to for help).

Adding Custom Block

Custom blocks are important because they group the fields together. To create a custom block, select the "+ Add Custom Block" button found at the upper left of the Fields and Layout Editor view page.

Version 7 of Repbox

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