There are two different categories when setting up your outgoing server within Repbox. One instance can be done by any individual user, while the other can only be done by an Admin level user. (Please refer to Admin level SMTP Authentication Article if you are trying to set up the Global SMTP server).

Personal Email Authentication

The first instance is personal email forwarding. This basically means that whenever you send an email from your Repbox, the "from" email reflects that users email address. (As opposed to, which comes default.) This function allows users to send emails either individually, or in bulk to contacts including Quotes to their customers and have the FROM email address reflect the senders email.

To set up this first instance, you will need to log into your Repbox under your user name, or the user name of the person you are helping set this up. Additional information needed will be the Email Address, and email password of the account you are setting up.

When you are logged into the Repbox Account, you will need to go to the User Name at the far right corner of the screen, and click it. A drop down will appear, select 'My Preferences.'

Once 'My Preferences' has been selected, the My Preferences page will load. From this screen, select "SMTP Server Configuration."

When selected, a window will load that will look like this:

Input the information as follows:

A.) Server Name: This is dependent on your mail hosting service, such as Office 365, or G-Suite (Gmail). Either a network administrator, or whoever set up your email accounts will know which email service you use.

A1.) Office 365 Server Configuration:


A2.) Gmail Server Configuration:


B.) User Name: This is you email address.

C.) Password: This is your email password.

D.) From Email: This is the email you wish to have emails sent within Repbox from, 9 times out of 10, this will always be the email you provided in box B, your email address.

Leave "Requires Authentication" Unchecked.

Hit "Save" and you are done.

If you run into any trouble setting this up, please reach out to!

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