This article is for setting up SMTP server configuration globally throughout Repbox. What this means is that whenever you have workflows, analytic reports, and other features automatically send out emails Repbox will use this email address to send FROM this email. You must have admin access in your Repbox system to set up this feature.

First you are going to want to Log into your Repbox, and go to the gear icon on the far top right corner of your screen.

When you select "CRM Settings" the CRM Settings page will load, from this screen, find the left "Other Settings" options, you may have to hit the arrow to un-hide all the options. From that list, "Outgoing Server" should be near the top, select this option.

The Outgoing Server setting page will load.

To Make Changes to this screen, click the "Edit" button.

A.) Server Name: This is dependent on your mail hosting service, such as Office 365, or G-Suite (Gmail). Either a network administrator, or whoever set up your email accounts will know which email service you use.

A1.) Office 365 Server Configuration:


A2.) Gmail Server Configuration:


B.) User Name: This is you email address.

C.) Password: This is your email password.

D.) From Email: This is the email you wish to have emails sent within Repbox from, 9 times out of 10, this will always be the email you provided in box B, your email address.

If "Requires Authentication" is unchecked, please check that box.

Once you are done, hit "Save" and you should see a notification that the Save was successful.

If you encounter any problems throughout this process, please reach out to for any help!

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